Kid Watusi - Chapotea EP

Chapotea EP

by Kid Watusi


After several years of DJing at various plazas, festivals and parties around the world, Kid Watusi is releasing his first EP “Chapotea” which means “Make a splash”.

“Chapotea” is a collection of experiences and flavors which is distilled in the combination of two easy-going songs that reflect the mythical universe of Kid Watusi: “Tecno Im Baugette”, a song that explores melodies from the Pacific with Miami Bass, Cumbia and tropical psychedelia, alongside “Chapotea”, a cover of “Grupo Pegasso”: symbolic of mexican tropical music – sung by LuzEstrella.

Although Kid Watusi studied social veterinary, he decided to experiment with musical mutations with his brother and sister Mauricio Alvarez (Cero39) and Liquid Rockz to develop a unique specimen of transcultural biosound.